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Dr. Robert Kilpatrick is a board-certified pediatrician who has worked for the last 12 years in the field of pediatric emergency medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been the director and associate director of several pediatric emergency departments and has been intimately involved with the evolution of large urban emergency rooms into the premiere programs in their regions; the opening of new programs to serve fresh suburban markets; and the acquisition and growth management of young programs in rural communities. He has worked for over a decade as an associate professor with the University of Nevada and has also conducted and published various bench and clinical research. He has spent much of his administrative career designing and implementing volume- and quality-care programs to address the needs of patients in the modern managed-care setting. Most recently, Dr. Kilpatrick was recruited to Colorado to open the new Sky Ridge Pediatric Emergency Department. He is excited to bring his years of clinical expertise, customer service, department management, and service-line growth to Genesis Spa MD.

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