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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting (Body Contouring) has helped many achieve their weight goals. If you have stubborn fat that won’t go away, it may be time to get the body you want with body sculpting. Schedule your free consultation to see if this is right for you!

We Specialize In Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

Is Body Sculpting (body contouring)  For Me?  There's no such thing as the "perfect body," but many of us have areas we wish were more tightened and toned.  Unfortunately, exercise and diet only take you so far—especially for stubborn areas that don't seem to budge no matter how many squats or crunches you do.  Body Sculpting can help you address that stubborn fat that won't go away.  We also offer programs to help you reduce your fat before body contouring.  For instance, IV therapy for weight loss and eating habits are sample ways to obtain your goals that can significantly impact the path to losing weight.

That's where body sculpting (or body contouring) treatments can help.  These non-surgical, in-office treatments use a non-invasive approach to reduce fat cells—and there are plenty of options if this feels like the treatment for you.

What is body sculpting, and how does it work?

Body sculpting is destroying fat cells with extreme temperatures, sonic vibrations, or acid injections to help the body flush them out of pesky areas.  Most treatments are non-invasive procedures with little to no side effects.

There are different types of body contouring treatments.  While you may get similar results with each type, these methods can look and feel vastly different.  The most popular treatment is Radio Frequency (RF) and Muscle Stimulation.  Muscle stimulation helps build muscle, while radio frequency targets the fat.  


EMSCULPT is the first aesthetic device to build muscle and sculpt your body.  One can firm and tone muscles through high-intensity electromagnetic therapy, resulting in a sculpted look.  The Emsculpt procedure treats your abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs—a great non-surgical alternative to the Brazilian butt lift.

EMSCULPT is a high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy.  A single EMSCULPT session feels like thousands of powerful muscle contractions, which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of your muscles.

These powerful induced muscle contractions are not achievable through voluntary contractions.  Instead, the muscle tissue adapts to such extreme conditions.  It responds with a profound remodeling of its inner structure, resulting in muscle building and sculpting your body.


Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to by the brand name CoolSculpting® (an Allergan product), destroys fat cells by freezing them.  We do not provide this service since we feel it is not the most effective treatment for our clients.   

CoolSculpting is performed via a machine that sucks up problem areas—typically the belly, thighs, or butt.  The device then cools these areas to the proper temperature, leaving the destroyed fat cells in a frozen-like state.

How Long Does Body Contouring Normally Take?

Generally, 4 to 6 procedures are recommended for the best results and depending on the size of the treated area.  Although Body Sculpting (Body Contouring) effectively reduces body fat in targeted areas by 20-25%, results are not instantaneous.  This is because it takes time for dead fat cells to move out of the body and for significant weight loss to be noticeable.  Massages typically help accelerate this process.  Sessions are usually every 4 to 6 weeks. 

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EMS Sculpting

The EMS Body SCULPT is a top-tier aesthetic device that employs high-intensity electromagnetic therapy for muscle enhancement and body sculpting. Ideal for targeting the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs, it offers a non-surgical alternative to the Brazilian butt lift. In just one session, experience powerful muscle contractions that lead to increased tone, strength, and profound muscle remodeling. This painless treatment also reduces cellulite, boosts collagen, and tackles stubborn fat deposits.

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Radio Frequency

The Vivace Ultra Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling stands out as one of the latest and most proficient treatments tailored to eliminate fat cells and firm up the skin. Vivace Ultra showcases a groundbreaking approach, employing an advanced ultrasound mapping system to pinpoint precise treatment areas. With its radio-frequency microneedling, it skillfully contours the body, and helps remove things like like loose skin, post-pregnancy belly, fine lines, wrinkles, saddle bags, and a drooping posterior.

Sports massage Therapy

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting can help you address that stubborn fat that won't go away. This targeting system is the most effective fat-reducing method in today's market.  EM Sculpt body sculpting uses powerful Muscle stimulus to cause muscles to contract thousands of times, while Radio Frequency targets the fat cells.   That is where Radio Frequency Microneedling Body Sculpting shine the best since it uses the most effective method to tone up and reduce fat.

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Abdomen, Glutes, or Arms. Up to 20% with the combination RF Microneedling &/or EMS Body Sculpt (e.g., Abdomen, & Gluts procedures)  


OFF $150 per session

Abdomen, Glutes, or Arms. Up to 25% with the combination RF Microneedling &/or EMS Body Sculpt (e.g., Gluts & Abdomen procedures)  

up to $600 IN SAVINGS


OFF $200 per session

Abdomen, Glutes, or Arms. Up to 30% with the combination RF Microneedling &/or Body EMS Sculpt (e.g., Face & Abdomen procedures)  

up to $1350 IN SAVINGS

Fractional Laser, Photofacial, RF Microneedling

At Genesis Spa MD we provide Fractional skin resurfacing which is an excellent choice for Fine Lines, Wrinkle Resurfacing, Hyper-Pigmentation, and Stretch Marks.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) Photofacial is a laser light treatment that targets pigment issues, such as dark or brown spots, age spots, and red spots, to name a few.

RF Microneedling is great for uneven skin texture, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scars, and stretch marks. Treatment areas include the face, neck, decolletage, abdomen, knees, thighs, and almost any other body area. 


At Genesis Spa MD, we use state-of-the-art technology, from our devices to the newest and most advanced aesthetics injectables.  We provide Botox, Kybella, Juvéderm, and much more. To resolve unwanted fat, remove wrinkles and smooth out your skin to refresh, renew and rejuvenate your appearance. We carry the best fillers to create a youthful appearance and full voluptuous lips.

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At Genesis Spa MD, we customize your facial, but we always include a deep-cleansing treatment tailored entirely to you. These facials repair your skin while providing essential nourishment and protection. You can also expect deep pore cleansing with steam, exfoliation, and gentle extractions. Some of the other tools we may use are High Frequency, Ultrasonic Scrubber, and Galvanic.







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 The 1-hour massage starts at the scheduled time and includes consultation, disrobing, and robbing. The membership percentage discount rate after that with Deluxe Membership is $99 for 1 Hour Massage) 3-month minimum duration Plus 30 cancellation notices

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Injectables, IV TherapyDermaplaningMicro-NeedlingMicrodermabrasionCustom Facials

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90 Minutes Massage

The 1-hour massage time starts at the scheduled time and includes consultation, disrobing, and robbing. The membership percentage discount rate thereafter with Premium Membership is $89 for 1 Hour Massage) 3-month minimum duration Plus 30 cancellation notices

Up to 20-35% Off

Injectables, IV Therapy, Dermaplaning, MicroNeedling, Microdermabrasion, custom facials other Services

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